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Center Parcs free activities – how to save money while you are there!

Center Parcs free activities - feeding the ducks

Wondering if there are any Center Parcs free activities? The answer is yes, there are plenty! Find out all about them below…

Center Parcs doesn’t have to be an expensive holiday. We have been taking advantages of Center Parcs free activities for years!  It’s one of the cheapest holidays we go on because we tend to go off peak. We take advantage of lots of the best things to do at Center Parcs Longleat, Woburn and Elveden that are free!

So we have put together a list of some of our favourite things to do at Centre Parks that don’t cost a thing.

♥ Cycling

Cycling at Center Parcs doesn’t have to cost a thing. We take our own bikes and love cycling around the woodland and countryside paths on site. Make sure you bring locks for your bikes or if you forget, you can get them from the cycle centre. If you do choose to hire a bike while there, the Centre Parcs bike hire prices 2020 aren’t as expensive as you might expect. Though if you have a family of five (like us) it can add up! And if you are looking for a Center Parcs bike hire discount, keep an eye out on their website in the lead up to your visit. 

♥ Walks

Another one of our favourites Center Parcs free activities is walking! We absolutely love our walks around Center Parcs too. Longleat Forest walks are just so gorgeous, although do be prepared for some hills between the lodges and sports centre!

Walks around Centre Parcs Elveden are a highlight too as the forest is so mature. We don’t normally follow a map and just cycle where we like. Mostly between our lodge and the swimming pool but also for longer walks around the outskirts of the park.

Center Parcs free activities - the playground

More Centre Parcs activities which are free…

♥ Swimming

Surely one of the best things about Centre Parcs is swimming and it’s completely free too! Entry to the subtropical swimming paradise at Center Parcs is included in the overall price of your stay. If your kids are anything like mine, they will love spending hours in there! This is probably the main thing we do when we go to Center Parcs and the kids never get tired of it.

♥ Feed the Ducks

Feeding the ducks at Center Parcs has always been something we have all enjoyed. Especially when the children were younger. Whatever the weather, the ducks are always up for being fed and will be hovering around the lake waiting for visitors!

There’s always time for a picnic at Center Parcs!

Center Parcs free activities

♥ Picnic

Whether you go to Center Parcs Longleat Wiltshire or to one of the other Center Parcs, there’ll always be a lovely place for a picnic. Usually at the lake! We prepare it in our lovely lodge each morning and this is another of the best Center Parcs free activities in my opinion.   

There’s artificial sand so you’ll feel like you are at the beach. If you are lucky with the weather, this is a lovely thing to do after a morning of swimming or cycling!

♥ Jump on the train!

Centre Parcs Longleat Wiltshire has a road train which takes passengers from the top of the park all the way down to the bottom. Whether or not you need to get from one end to the other, my kids love riding on the overland train. It can be a nice way to relax after some of the more strenuous activities!

Still wondering what to do what to do at Centre Parcs for free?

Center Parcs free activities

♥ Adventure Golf

One of the best things to do at Centre Parcs is to spend time together as a family. Adventure golf is a game that we can all play! You can hire your crazy golf equipment while at Centre Parcs or you can play again and again if you bring your own!

When my boys were younger, they just liked exploring the adventure golf without playing. Check it out!

♥ Consider going off-site

There are several things to do near Centre Parcs Elveden as well as our other favourite Center Parcs sites. Check out the Elveden War Memorial and Knettishall Heath Country Park is beautiful too…

And lastly, one of our favourite Center Parcs free activities…

♥ Playground fun

Each of the Center Parcs UK locations have plenty of playground options from toddlers to teens. The adults can get in on the fun too. We have spent many mornings and afternoons enjoying the free playground facilities. Look out for the family swing at Center Parcs in Elveden and see if you can all fit on it!

♥ Have a few games up your sleeve

Try out some activities with your kids that you haven’ done before and have a free afternoon at your lovely Center Parcs lodge just playing! Becca from Doing My Best blog has some fantastic ideas, including rescuing frozen animals and making Play-Doh penguins.


Center Parcs free activities - feeding the ducks

What activities are worth paying for at Center Parcs?

We do sometimes pay for activities while at Center Parcs too. Some of the Centre Parcs activities cost less than you may think! A favourite for my boys was the indoor archery. We have done this on several stays and for me it is worth the money. If you are wondering how much activities cost, we have included the Center Parcs activities price list for 2020 here.

For younger children, we have also enjoyed the bikes and slides session in the morning. A good opportunity let the kids burn some energy while (in theory) parents can watch! We alway hire a tennis court while at Center Parcs too.

All in all, I think expecting to spend some money while at Centre Parcs is inevitable. But it’s not essential if you are on a tight budget or just fancy having a day with less spending. No matter what you choose to do while there, it’s bound to be a fun family break.

I hope you found this post about Center Parcs free activities useful? I would love to know what you think. Please do comments below or send me an email on traelbugsclare@gmail.com


  1. I have not been to Center Parcs since I was I was a teenager! I can remember how lovely it was there but have put off taking my own children because it seems too expensive! Thanks for sharing your useful tips.

  2. I e been looking at booking a trip to centre Parcs, but I’ve heard than once you are there it’s really expensive but this is so reassuring.

  3. This is really good information. One of the things I have heard my friends complain about is the extra money you have to spend on top of an already pricey break. It’s great to know that you have plent of options if you don’t have much extra cash to spend (and who does at the moment…).

  4. We love Centre Parcs and had a couple of holidays there, we hardly spent any extra. The kids had one paid for activity each and the rest was free. Great suggestions


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