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6 tips for creating a family travel scrapbook

tips for creating a family travel scrapbook

We take tons of pics on holiday but it is rare that I ever print them out. This spurred me on to start a new family tradition – creating a family travel scrapbook after each holiday that we go on for a week or longer. We have created several of them so far and we absolutely love looking through them with the kids occasionally. As well as having Travel Bugs to document our trips, it’s lovely to have something tangible to keep these memories too. A scrapbook is also handy for storing some of those much loved pics. We were recently at a wedding with photo booth rental Fort Worth and the pictures from this were so fun and memorable. Here are some tips I picked up for travel scrapbooking along the way: 

Collect memorabilia along the way

Collecting tickets, business cards, postcards and physical memories along your journey can be lots of fun. Especially when you get home and start figuring out what sequence they go in. I generally collect as much as possible and then sift through it with the kids to see which ones we want to put in our travel scrapbook and which ones we should just get rid of. We combine this with lots of our favourite photos from our trip too, as well as some written quotes and memories!

Get the children involved  

None of us are particularly good at art in this house but we all enjoy cutting things out and sticking! This is the perfect activity for doing with the kids at home, especially when they complain about being bored. They are so proud of the travel scrapbooks they have helped with and my eight year old now helps to write the captions too.

Add some fun personal touches

There are lots of fun personal touches you can add to customise your travel scrapbook. We like to divide our sections up into themes. For a garden/outdoor theme, you could use a butterfly svg to decorate the page. For a holiday at Christmas you could use some festive stickers dotted around the pages. A flowers svg could be a good option for a summer holiday or wedding theme. The choices are endless, but whichever ones you go for, make it your own!

Only start when you have all the pieces!

It might seem obvious but make sure you have everything you need before you sit down to start scrapbooking. Equipment we always use includes glue sticks, scissors, a pen (if you are writing your quotes) and an empty scrapbook. You’ll need to decide on what way you’ll be printing out the pics. If it is online via your printer then you may choose to buy some printer paper so that you don’t run out.

Or order your pics online and get them delivered to your home. The choice is yours! I prefer to print them out myself as I can have access to the photos straight away. It can be pricey but we have signed up to a monthly plan for print cartridges which works out quite well.

tips for creating a family travel scrapbook

Don’t strive for perfection…

I really believe in the saying ‘done is better than perfect’. With life being so busy for everyone these days, I don’t think I would ever get anything done if I had to wait for it to be perfect.

Treat your holiday scrapbook like a fun project and if it isn’t perfect, then you know what, it probably has personality!? Enjoy creating it and enjoy reading it after too. I take the same approach with journalling. If it was going to look perfect, I would probably never even start it.

Keep it consistent

While using different decorative svgs is a lovely way to personalise your travel scrapbook, keeping it consistent with the same writing and pen throughout is a nice way to pull it together.

We use a Sharpie simply in black and write the captions on white label stickers. That way if we make any mistakes when writing the caption, we can just write it on a different label, making it look neater.

Returning again? Let the fun continue…

We don’t always use up all of the pages in our scrapbooks so if you have more pages left to fill, why not continue it with another break? Perhaps to the same location but just a few years later or a mini break nearby?

Not just for holidays…

You don’t need to reserve scrapbooking just for holidays. Consider creating a scrapbook of memories from important periods in your life. It could be your child’s first year, a big family gathering, a certain time of year or about a new hobby you have taken up?

I hope you liked our tips for creating a family travel scrapbook. Do you think you might try putting one together too? I would love to know if you do?


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