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The best ways to add some personality to your home décor

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If you scan through magazines or online for ideas to decorate your home you will come across a wonderful array of carefully curated photographs which are sure to inspire you. But how do you ensure that your personality shows through? How can you turn something lovely into something beautifully personal to you and those that live with you? Here we discuss some simple ideas to add some personality to your home décor.


Adding colour to your walls, floors and furniture is one of the simplest ways to add some personality to your home décor. It may be that you prefer clean and crisp white in which case that is fine as it does show your preference but try to avoid magnolia. Magnolia is traditionally used in rental properties with the intent of being as bland as possible in order to suit anyone and everyone! Try adding a statement wall in your bedroom with luxurious wall paper or a couple of coats of paint, then add pops of colour in your accessories.

Wall art

Surely one of the easiest ways in which to personalise your home is through what you display on your walls. Tapestries, posters, prints and canvases are available in an abundance of designs and by spending a little time browsing online you’re sure to have a statement piece winging its way to you very shortly. This can be a wonderful way to showcase your personality and something to provide a focal point in the room.


Using cushions, picture frames, flowers and vases can all add colour and personality to your room. There are so many places you can find something you love, even a few shells you’ve found on a beach can add that personal touch – being mindful that collecting too many shells or stones from beaches is not a good idea as we need to protect the eco-system. Fresh flowers or faux blooms are readily available and are a simple way to showcase what you love around your home.


Using curtains or blinds, blankets or rugs can all change the feel of the space you’re living in. You might feel inspired to change these in keeping with the seasons. When you’re feeling light and spring and summer are moving in you could opt for floaty soft curtains and cotton throws, and change them to darker more luxurious fabrics when the autumn days call for more time indoors. Rugs can completely change the feel of a room too. They can add a vital splash of colour or shape to the room, and again, can be used with the seasons. I love it when autumn approaches and I start switching to warmer textures.


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