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Remote Places in the UK You Must Visit

Remote Places in the UK You Must Visit

The UK is filled with stunning landscapes and epic coastlines, but you don’t have to stick to the usual tourist spots when you’re exploring. If you want to get off the beaten track and see the country as its finest, check out these remote places in the UK you must visit:

Sandwood Bay, Scotland

Situated in the north-west of Scotland and four miles from any roads, it doesn’t get much more remote than Sandalwood Bay! Despite its rural location, this picturesque beach is a must-see destination, so find a camper van for sale and hit the road. Along the way, you’ll be treated to epic views of mountains and rolling countryside before embarking on a four-mile hike to discover the delights of this beautiful coastline.

Gaping Gill Cave, Yorkshire Dales

The Yorkshire Dales is the ideal location if you want to surround yourself with fresh air, endless views and spectacular scenery. However, don’t limit yourself to staying over-ground while you’re there. A trip into Gaping Gill Cave takes you to the secluded world beneath your feet and allows you to experience the Dales in a whole new way. Open from May to June, you can explore the Cave alone but it’s always worth hiring a guide if you’re unfamiliar with the terrain.

Remote Places in the UK You Must Visit

Bardsey Island, Wales

Located almost 2 miles from Gwynedd, Bardsey Island lies off the coast of Wales and is home to just four people. Surely one of the most uninhabited places in the UK, this small island covers just 440 acres but is home to a variety of wildlife. Rumoured to be the burial site of Merlin, Bardsey Island is filled with mystery and magic. As the final point on the North Wales Pilgrims Way, it’s a must-visit location if you’re exploring the country.

Lundy Island, Devon

You’ll need to travel 12 miles off the coast to reach Lundy Island but it’s well worth the voyage. Stretching to over three miles, this tiny island is home to 20 residents and some breath-taking scenery. Despite being small, there is plenty to see on Lundy Island. From some of the oldest headstones in the world to a famous lighthouse, this rural island is one of the best places in the UK to visit. Plus if you are travelling as a family, there are some amazing things to do in nearby North Devon with kids.  

The Old Forge Pub, Scotland

If you really want to hit the most rural locations in the country, why not make a pitstop at the UK’s most rural pub? You’ll need to make a seven-mile boat trip or take an 18-mile hike to get there, so you’ll have built up a thirst by the time you arrive! Situated in Inverie, a visit to The Old Forge requires determination and commitment but it’s always worth the effort.

How to Travel Around the UK

If you’re heading to the most rural parts of the UK, it’s advisable to have your own vehicle. With a camper van, you can travel in style and turn your adventure into a mini-break. What’s more – you’ll have plenty of room to store your bike and hiking gear, so you can switch to cycling or trekking when you need to.


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