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Which is the best Center Parcs – Elveden or Woburn?

best Center Parcs Elveden or Woburn

Are you wondering which is the best Center Parcs – Elveden or Woburn? I am a big fan of both of them  but think there are some distinct positives and slight negatives to each which I have outlined in this blog post. I hope it’s useful!!

Center Parcs Elveden Forest


♥ Set in a mature and leafy forest surrounded by beautiful woodland

♥ Venture Cove (The baby / toddler swimming area) is very secure and separate to the main swimming pool, making it easy to keep track of the kids

♥ Flat roads and paths – making it easier cycle / walk, especially with kids in tow!

♥ Familiarity – this is probably more of a personal thing but we have been going to Elveden Forest for the last 10 years and there’s something nice about going back to the same place regularly as the kids are growing up. That said, it’s obviously nice to go to different places too!

best Center Parcs Elveden or Woburn

♥ Feels more spread out – Elveden Forest feels really spacious with lots of paths to discover and different cycle routes around the place

♥ More wildlife – Probably because it is more ‘mature,’ it seemed like there were more wild animals around the lodges, many of which are very tame

♥ More facilities in the Subtropical Swimming Paradise – I’m not sure if everyone will agree with me on this but I felt in general that there was more to do in the swimming areas at Elveden Forest and prefer the Wildwater Rapids there too

♥ Cheaper! Elveden Forest Center Parcs is cheaper than Woburn, though still pretty pricey during the school holidays…


♥ The villas are getting a bit ‘tired’ but many of them are being updated and I think they are still a good standard

♥ The Spa is absolutely lovely at Elveden Forest but it would be hard to beat the amazing new spa at Woburn…

best Center Parcs Elveden or Woburn

Center Parcs Woburn Forest


♥  The lodges are all brand new and really well equipped, spacious

♥  Cashless pay system – Woburn has a cashless pay system meaning visitors can access their lodge using a wrist band (rather than key) and don’t need to carry cash with them around the park. It can all be charged back via the band.

♥  Feeding rooms and changing facilities in sensible places – because it’s a newer venue, I think the changing facilities may have been thought out with even more care than the other parks.

♥   The Spa at Woburn is out of this world! As mentioned above, I thought the spa at Elveden was super but Woburn is bigger and shinier with a lovely restaurant and a fantastic outdoor pool.

best Center Parcs Elveden or Woburn


♥  Not so spacious – the villages just felt like they were a lot closer together than Elveden. This may be partly because the trees haven’t had a chance to flourish yet. It also felt like a smaller park in general…

♥  A few more hills – Woburn isn’t quite as flat as Elveden and was definitely tougher to cycle around, especially with kids

♥  Lack of outdoor paths and places to explore – I went for a run around the outside perimeter of Woburn but didn’t feel like there were as many cycle paths and places to explore  like there is at Elveden

♥ More traffic – I’m not sure if everyone will agree with this but I noticed more vehicles within the park than I remember previously. It’s not a big deal but it did annoy me a little…

♥  More expensive – Hiring a lodge a Woburn is more expensive than Elveden so if you are trying to ‘do Center Parcs’ on a budget, Elveden might be a better option

So I hope that gives you some help in deciding whether Elveden or Woburn Center Parcs is best for you? Personally, we will probably alternate between the two over the coming years. Maybe we’ll even give the new spa at Sherwood Forest a try! I would love to know what you think in the comments box below…