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Making Magical First Date Memories in Wintertime

Magical First Date

Our top tips for a magical date this winter…

So, you’ve made a connection online and you’re both ready to meet. Now the exciting part…deciding where to meet for that all-important first date. Don’t be put off by a lock down or restrictions, or the fact that it’s winter. We have plenty of outdoor first date ideas to help your relationship get off to a great head start!

Where’s the best place to meet for your date?

If you’ve met someone on a local dating website like Suffolk Dating, you could first try to discover whether there is local venue you both know of to meet. That way both of you can feel more at ease about the location and focus on the date itself, rather than worrying about a strange place. Failing that, you could suggest meeting in a public place within both your comfort zones.  Would a walk with a coffee in a park work, or even a bike ride? Pick somewhere with a beautiful view or lots of interest to help conversation start.  A quiet beach in winter on a sunny day can be romantic and atmospheric.

In wintertime, the pop-up ice-rinks can make for a magical first date. Pick a small local one or a show-stopping rink in London. Help each other round the ice, get the rosy cheeks and feel-good endorphins going and then warm up in a cosy spot with a drink.

Christmas markets all the way

Wrap up warm for some festive fun at the chalet lined streets of the Christmas Markets. Try the festive food and drink together, browse the gift shopping, watch the entertainment and if the date is going well, follow with a stroll through the local Christmas lights.

Magical First Date

If you’re both the more adventurous types, why not take each other to try out your favourite way of exercising or thrill seeking. Impress your date with your bravery or skill, then help and encourage them to give it go! Alternatively go outside of both your comfort zones and bond over trying something totally new together, such as skiing or sledging, a dance class, rock climbing or sailing lesson for example.

Get down with the animals!

How about a zoo or safari park? Laugh together at the monkeys, cuddle up with the pets and feed the penguins. If you’re animal expert, impress your date with your knowledge and animal lovers can show their sensitive side.

Don’t want to take yourself too seriously, then how about a day at a theme park? Brave the rides together or take the more leisurely ones to get to know each other.

Talk about your future life

You may only want to do this once you have got to know your ‘date’ fairly well. But have an evening discussing your hopes and aspirations for the future. Do you both want to travel? Where do you see yourself settling down? If you want to have kids, how many would you like to have. It might be a bit premature to start discussing beach wedding dresses but it is good to get an idea of what your date’s future hopes and aspirations.

Wedding dresses

Zoom together…

In the age of Zoom, why not try an online class together, then once the ice has broken follow it with a private chat.

Now garden centres wouldn’t usually be on the list, but as they are seen as essential (so remain open) and it is coming up to Christmas, they can be quite a special place to visit at this time of year. Admire the decorations, help each other pick our gifts for friends and family or Christmas decorations.

Even if the cafes and restaurants aren’t open, many of the independents are offering take outs. Everyone loves cake, so why not share some on a park bench while you chat?

Stay safe and good luck!


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