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6 ideas for a socially distanced date!

ideas for a socially distanced date

The rules keep changing but thankfully at the moment, we aren’t on full lockdown, which means that socially distanced dates are still an option! Lots of people have had to be inventive with where they go on dates, to tie in with the current advice but there are actually tons of different things to do which you might never have thought of before.

Here are our 6 ideas for a socially distanced date:

Be a tourist

Are there any local tourist attractions you have wanted to visit but never had the chance? Now’s the time to do some exploring. Visit the gardens and grounds of that beautiful old castle on your date or how about those historic houses you have always wondered about? There is so much beauty around us which we don’t often get to appreciate, but now could be a great change to do it.

Picnic in the park

So long as the weather stays like this then having a picnic in the park is a lovely option. Bring a blanket to sit on, pack lots of tasty surprises to eat and remember to take some wine!

Ice Skating

Our local ice rink has confirmed they are going ahead this year. Yay! This is such a fun date idea whether you have been together for a long time or even for a first date. Whether you are in delightful Devon or sunny Swansea, there is bound to be an ice rink somewhere near you.

If you are still looking for that special someone then you can check out this Devon dating site or choose a similar one that is closer to you. After you do get to go ice skating, you can snuggle up after with a hot chocolate and of course marshmallows too!

ideas for a socially distanced date

Amusement Park

Amusement parks can be so much fun and luckily they are mainly outdoors too. Release your inner child and have a laugh together. Share some candy-floss, play hoopla together and don’t forget to visit the coconut shy!

Beach life

I think a trip to the beach is fab whatever the weather. If it’s sunny, you could even take a dip in the sea together or if it’s cloudy and cold, then you can wrap up warm and watch the waves do their thing at one of your favourite beaches.

Fun on the Farm

There are some fantastic farms locally and they aren’t just for kids. Some of these places are set up brilliantly. As well as seeing the animals and going on a tractor ride, there’s usually a decent cafe too and always some ice cream!

Whatever you choose to do on your date, I hope you enjoy it! We can often default to doing the same thing, for me it is usually a meal for me and my husband and although that’s usually lovely, I quite fancy trying out some different ideas (without the kids) too.

If you aren’t currently in a relationship then online dating seems to be the way to do these dates. ThisĀ Devon dating site is a good one to visit if you live in that lovely area of the country. Where you end up going for your date, I hope you have fun!


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