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Tips to Prepare Yourself for Traveling the World

Traveling the World

Soon, we will be able to travel the world again as a family, alone or with our partners. Since most of us haven’t left our respective countries since the pandemic began, here is a guide how to prepare yourself for global travel hopefully this spring or summer.

Tips for traveling the world

Search for destinations that are open to tourists and check visa/health requirements 

Each country is handling opening their borders to tourism differently due to coronavirus safety measures. So to prepare for your trip abroad, check out destinations that are open to tourists or make a list of all the places you would like to do and see if it is possible. Once you see whether a destination is open to tourism, check to see if there are any visa/health requirements. This way, you know exactly what you need to prepare for and what you need to do in order to be able to travel to your dream destination. These are two critical steps, and ways that you can help your travels go as smooth as possible.

Traveling the World

Once decided on a location, pick up some of the language

Learning at least the travel basics of the local language is one of the best tips for traveling the world. So once you decide on where you want to go, dedicate some time to picking up some of the local language. Luckily, technology makes this easy for us with language apps available at our fingertips! You can find apps with stellar reviews like Babbel, and give it a try to see how far you can go with any of their languages. Since it’s so user friendly and easy to take with you, download it to your phone and practice in the office before leaving, in the plane, wherever you want really.

Invest in heavy travel insurance just to be safe

While we move into safer times for travel, invest in significant travel insurance just to be safe. Roll it into your assumed costs, because just in case something does happen and you have to postpone a trip, this will help recoup or save those cancelled costs. There are a lot of unknown’s out there with traveling, and travel insurance is more desired than ever.


Check for deals or if your travel voucher from previous cancelled flights can be used

Do you have any travel credit that you received from a cancelled flight or cancelled accommodation from before or during the pandemic? This can help to reduce costs for the trip you are planning now and make good use of that money. If not, many destinations have incredible deals going on to try and boost the local economy and business, so keep an eye out for deals on flights, accommodation, and combinations of the two.

Traveling the World

Check out suitcases on sale for Cyber Monday or get your old suitcases repaired

One thing that is essential for traveling is proper luggage! The right suitcase can make a world of a difference in how you travel, so bring out your favorite cases and make sure that they are working properly and ready to take flight. If you are in need of a new suitcase, now is a great time to do some shopping with Cyber Monday.

Organize and plan with your kids or partner where to go

While there are probably many places you want to go to, have the conversations now about where you want to go and how you want to approach traveling with your little travel buddies. This helps to reduce the stress from the planning and the actual traveling, which will in turn make it a more enjoyable trip after months of dreaming about it. Plus, this will help you have greater bandwidth to stay diligent with safety measures during your travels.  

The first trip post-pandemic will be very exciting, but it is important to still be practical, alert, and prepared.


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