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Checking For Tyre Damage – Our Top Tips!

Tyre Damage

When you are a driver, it is not enough to merely hop into the driver’s seat and go: being the regular user of a vehicle means that you need to perform certain basic maintenance tasks from time to time, from topping up your fuel, oil and water to ensuring your lights work to checking for tyre damage. All of these should be done frequently, and while your vehicle will warn you when fuel, oil or water is getting low, there is no such warning system for your tyres to let you know that a tyre has sustained damage and is slowly degrading to the point of failure. What can you do to keep your car tyres in great condition? Let us take a look.

Use Your Eyes

Visually check out your tyres every week or fortnight, depending on how often and how far you drive. Take your time and use a powerful torch, even if you are outside in broad daylight – the underside of your vehicle is usually in shadow, and not being able to focus on every bit of the tyre’s surface can result in you missing a blemish or mark that could indicate that there is something to worry about.

Look for obvious signs of damage, such as wearing or bulging of the sidewall, but also look at the contact surface of the tyre, looking for cracks, missing chunks of rubber and for the small dark spots that can indicate a puncture.

A Gentle Touch

Once you see something concerning examine it closely, and do not be afraid to sweep your fingers over it to make sure that what you are seeing is not just a cosmetic blemish that does not affect the internal integrity of the tyres.

All About Balance

Make sure that your wheels are properly aligned and balanced every time your vehicle is serviced. This helps with the even wearing of the tyres, gives you a safer smoother ride, and allows your mechanic to alert you to any potential issues with both your tyres and your wheels, so you can head them off before they turn into a complicated and expensive problem for you. And if you’re someone who is looking for new car tyres in Kent then do visit Dartford Tyres or simply shop tyres online on their website & get a chance to Enjoy great deals on Tyres in Kent!

With good quality tyres, roads can be welcoming and beautiful to drive upon – and knowing that your tyres are in great condition reassures you that those roads are a little bit safer thanks to your caution!


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